Lush 2g liquid diamond live resin disposable THC vape pen for sale online

Lush disposable is a vape pen that comes pre-loaded with high quality premium live resin liquid diamond 2g cannabis oil ready to use once removed from the box. You are ready to go, once you receive your Lush disposable vape, all you need to do is inhale and enjoy! while with the Lush carts, you will need to assemble with a battery before inhaling to enjoy Lush premium live resin liquid diamonds.

Are Lush disposables legit?

Yes, Lush 2g live resin liquid diamonds disposables are now legit, we at puff La have become extremely credible with all of our products coming in. With the very special or premium line out, also called as VSOP, Lush disposable vape proves to be high standard. The oil is very powerful and potent as it claims to be. Although the standard of the oil is top notch on the Lush vape, the flavor of the hit flavors extremely natural and are not as flavorful. This neutral tasting Lush dispo is not that harsh and provides smooth hits. The disposables that Lush brand uses is seen on many kinds of disposables today. There is nothing unique about them other than its comfort and simplicity. Also, these disposables do have a twist on mouth piece, permitting you to reuse them.

Lush live resin sugar diamonds extracts in 1 oz baller jars for sale online

Lush extracts Live resin sugar diamonds is cannabis sugar made with fresh frozen, whole plants. Here we dig into what live resin sugar is, why it’s superior to traditional cannabis sugar and where to get it.

Live resin sugar is gaining popularity in the cannabis extracts world as enthusiasts begin to look for a flavorful and aromatic experience to accompany their high.
Lush extracts is California’s first extract-focused cannabis product dispensary, and our live resin sugar, one of our most unique extracts, is perfect for enthusiasts seeking powerful and flavorful texture in their cannabis experience.

What is Lush live resin Sugar?

Lush Live resin sugar is a whole-plant cannabis concentrate that has the consistency of sugar bits dripped into thick honey. sugar live resin takes the same starting process as wax and butter, only it utilizes slightly different post-processing techniques to produce a more honey-like consistency.

Live resin sugar typically contains THC levels north of 70% while THC Diamonds goes up to 99% THC


How Is Lush Live Resin Sugar Different?

Traditionally, cannabis sugar is produced with dried, cured plant material.

But, Lush trademarked line of cannabis extracts, “Lush™”, is made only using fresh frozen whole plants. This means unlike traditional cannabis sugar, live resin sugar is made using plants that were frozen immediately after harvest. This helps preserve the terpene profile of the live plant and makes Lush live resin sugar more terpene-rich than traditional cannabis sugar.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally-occurring elements in cannabis that lend themselves to the plant’s taste and aroma. But terpenes also play a vital role in facilitating the overall cannabis experience and, along with more popular elements like THC and CBD, come together to deliver a complete, whole-plant cannabis profile.

California’s Best Live Resin Sugar

At puff La extracts, we hold ourselves to the highest safety and manufacturing standards to produce the best live resin sugar on the market. The result? A clean, smooth, flavorful cannabis extract.

Stop in at one of puff la locations in California, Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, or look for our products in various legal cannabis dispensaries nationwide.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line on our contact form, or call us and receive a 10% discount delivered to your phone!